velvet angel

Velvet Angel

Antelope Canyon, Arizona…… Some call her “The Angel” a red rock sculpture carved by nature and time. Found deep inside the caves at Antelope Canyon. The first time I came upon “The Angel” Her color was a very pale pink and I knew if the sun was in the right position it would reflect off the red rock walls and deepen her color.

On My next visit to Antelope Canyon I waited for the warmth of the late afternoon sun to add to the splendor of this amazing rock sculpture and for just a few seconds her color was so intense to my camera that it added an almost velvety texture to this amazing scene.

On the very rare occasion everything comes together, the flow of natures lines, the color of the sky, the warmth and glow of the sun. I was in awe of this magnificent scene as I stood under “The Angel” and snapped my shutter.

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